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Chelyadnic & Partners Consulting devotes themselves to the work with the clients to accompany them with their business goals overcoming legal and managerial difficulties. Chelyadnic & Partners Consulting aims to submit extraordinary legal service and to assist clients in achieving their business strategies.Our clients expect from us the ability to provide innovative solution in dealing with complicated business challenges. Chelyadnic & Partners mobilize all the experience and resources supporting clients to manage all these issues

Practice Areas

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Commercial activity

Providing sustainable commercial activity of legal entities and private entrepreneurs in current prospects

Business and investments

Legal support of investments from the project to profit, investment protection

Financial analysis and audit

Support long-term financial sustainability of an organization, analysis and company audits, crisis management

Legal support

Full legal support of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, protection of rights and legitimate interests of individuals


Our Team

Any of us will go all the way with you!

Vasily Chelyadnic

Leading expert

Manager of financial corporate law, bankruptcy disputes

Evgeny Nazarov

Manufacturing sourcing

Manufacturing sourcing manager, design engineer, CAD and Lean/Six sigma certified professional

Dmitry Kasarechy

Public relation specialist

Head of Banking Law Practice

Andrey Levchenko

Criminal and civil matters

Head of business protection practices and financial offences investigation

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Chelyadnic & Partners Consulting

The leading law company provides legal services throughout Transnistria. Our firm offers comprehensive legal solutions in various practices and different economic sectors. The members of our team are high experienced lawyers with profound knowledge of Trasnistrian law and international expertise

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