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Manufacturing sourcing

Chelyadnic & Partners Consulting can provide Your company with the most competitive manufacturing sources in Europe. Our clients and contacts range in Moldova, Transnistria and Ukraine comprise manufacturing managers, mechanical and electrical engineers. Moldova and Ukraine have satisfied quality technical educational system which prepares a lot of good engineers making this region attractive for manufacturing sourcing. Meantime the average salaries in Moldova and Ukraine are 4 times lower than in China.

The second big advantage of this region is close location to EU customers and rapid delivery. In addition, Ukraine has its own resourse base – metals, wood, etc. and the full range of production facilities (metal and wood machinning, welding and soldering, metal and plastic casting, 3D prototyping, mechanical and electrical design, automotive production, textile etc.). Both these countries have governmental and non-governmental bodies assisting into foreign investors.

We have nice expertise with manufacturing sourcing in Ukraine for, as example, Germany. And our German parthners are very surprised of PCB production and assemblying in Ukraine which are competitive against China.

Moldova and Ukraine are EU associated countries and unify their technical and customs legislature with the European laws. Every year more and more European manufacturers contract facilities in this region: (metal fibre)
Fukujira automotive Moldova
Kirsten Mode Design GmbH