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Chelyadniс and Partners Consulting give an advisory opinion on banking regulation, credit transactions with collateral security, operating activities by leading Transnistria and international credit organizations, investment funds, managers, insurance, leasing and factoring companies

Development of comprehensive programs for financial organizations, including internal documents on countering the unlawful use of insider information. As the dominant work in this sector, we highlight advising banks – organizers and underwriters, managers and investment companies on transactions in the stock market – as well as support for bank lending transactions – bilateral, syndicated, secured – asset acquisition, restructuring and reorganization in the financial and banking sector

Our lawyers have expertise and understanding of the specifics of the work of financial and banking organizations, thereby they are actively involved in lawmaking aimed at improving the regulation of the financial sector and creating new financial instruments in the Transdniestrian market


Restructuring of loan obligations and refinancing
Syndicated and secured lending
Specifics of foreign financial products
Disclosure of information in the stock market
Banking licensing
Creation of management companies, venture funds, mutual investment funds
Implementation of brokerage, depositary, stock exchange activities
Stock trading in the Transniestria
Trust asset management
Compliance program development


Chelyadnic and Partners Consulting has extensive experience in advising representatives of both public and private capital in structuring PPP projects, as well as in developing schemes of financing of varying degrees of complexity and preparing competitive and contractual documentation on PPP projects

Chelyadnic and Partners Consulting provides comprehensive support for PPP projects on a turnkey basis, involving the necessary external organizations, as well as financing projects by issuing bonds to finance infrastructure, to use leasing schemes, investment lending, project financing in the form of acquiring a block of securities or a share in authorized capital , establishment of a new company with a share of the project promoter and attracted co-investors, including with raising of foreign capital

In the framework of the implementation of PPP projects, our team works closely with government authorities and with their investment partners

Chelyadnic and Partners takes an active part in improving the legislative framework regulating concession and other projects in the field of public-private partnership

Practical experience in the support of PPP projects allows our team to develop optimal schemes and to organize practical implementation of this methodology in such a way that all project parties achieve their goals in the most efficient way


Lawyers in dispute resolution and bankruptcy Chelyadniс and Partners Consulting is a team of recognized experts that has been protecting clients in Transdniestrian courts of all levels for more than 5 years, representing their interests in negotiations with business partners or competitors, and giving advisory opinions on all related matters

Customers turn to us for legally coordinated and economically viable solutions to the most complex issues of comprehensive importance to their business

The success of the lawyers of Ch & P Consulting is a combination of the effective application of the legislative provisions and judicial practice, as well as the ability to find solutions to difficult situations that do not have an unequivocal resolution and require an unconventional approach


Corporate disputes – Follow-up of corporate conflicts and protection from hostile takeovers, restoration of corporate control. Conducting cases related to sending a mandatory offer or mandatory buyout of the block of shares of minority shareholders. Challenging of decisions of government bodies, challenging of transactions on corporate grounds, recovering losses from government bodies, discovery of documents

Disputes in the financial and banking sphere – Conducting cases on recovery of losses caused in connection with financial transactions. Legal support in disputes related to credit agreements and bank deposit agreements, surety contracts, pledge agreements. Protecting a client’s interests in disputes in connection with the recovery of credit funds, challenging of security contracts, changing individual terms of a loan agreement, recovery proceedings against mortgaged property, unreasonable writing off the monetary funds

Disputes in the securities market – Representing the interests of emitters in disputes related to the restructuring of bonded loans and collection of debts on them. Challenging of the instructions of the supervisory authority (regulator). Conducting disputes related to the rights for securities and derivative financial instruments

Disputes in the field of real estate and construction – Conducting disputes related to real estate rights, including challenging of real estate transactions. Land disputes, including the provision of land for construction. Legal support of disputes related to the redemption of real estate in public ownership. Disputes related to the construction of real estate, including collection of debts under construction contracts or losses in connection with the violation / termination of these contracts

Bankruptcy – The experience of lawyers and consultants of Chelyadniс and Partners Consulting enables to carry out bankruptcy procedures taking into account the control of terms and with the minimum risk of financial losses. To exercise control over the procedure, the company maintains continuous cooperation with professional arbitration administrators

The priority of bankruptcy support practice is to respect the interests of the client in order to preserve his financial assets and property. The company has experience in supporting large projects, under which bankruptcy procedures were carried out for groups of legal entities, the result of which was the return of funds to clients

Attracting a company to protect interests within the framework of a bankruptcy procedure allows minimizing or eliminating financial losses, controlling the timelines for the procedure and leveling legal risks for the beneficiaries

We carry out regular work on the analysis of the regulatory framework and law enforcement practice in order to create the best tools to protect the interests of clients in bankruptcy proceedings