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As part of the Practice of legal support for private clients, Chelyadnic and Partners Consulting provide on the territory of Transnistria and Moldova the following services:
Advising clients on specific issues arising in their private life.
Implementation of full support of a private client’s daily activities on a permanent basis (service “personal lawyer”).

Support of a private client’s corporate interests, including management of corporate shares, representation of interests at a meeting of participants or shareholders, ensuring proper receipt of dividends, ensuring control over corporate transactions, etc.
Protecting the corporate interests of a private client, including in disputes when withdrawing from a corporation, selling shares or stocks, returning in order to “withdraw” property from a corporation in a situation of infringement of a private client’s interests, etc.
Protecting the private clients in relations with creditors and debtors, including in the framework of the insolvency procedure (bankruptcy).
Assistance in the registration of the property acquisition by private clients, including land and other real estate, also in foreign jurisdictions.
Assistance in the registration of inheritance and resolution of hereditary disputes of private clients.
Assistance in the family sphere, including at conclusion of a marriage contract and resolution of family disputes of private clients.
Assistance in tax matters.
Assistance in resolving labor disputes.
Protection of intellectual interests of a private client, including protection of copyright and related rights, right for a trademark, patent rights.
Protection of private clients’ interests in conflict situations, including through legal proceedings